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Wonderland series

Bathed in Moonlight, unique bronze


Wanderlust series

Passing clouds halo mountain, unique bronze on stand

Land of wonder, unique bronze on book

The time before this, unique bronze on book


Set sail series


 Under the Coolibah tree, unique bronze on book

We went to Australia, unique bronze on book

Alone in the wild I feel most alive, mixed media

Ballad of waves, mixed media

Wild dog series


Akuna, unique bronze

Full moon at midnight, unique bronze

X marks the spot (where we ate the muntaberries), mixed media

Dingo series, mixed media


In the wild series

I am not afraid, mixed media

Larissa Gray Learning to fly 2014Learning to fly 2014

Learning to fly, Unique bronze

          Contemplating freedom, Mixed media

Dreamtime, Mixed media


The birth of everything series

The evolution of me - Hybrid seriesThe evolution of me - Hybrids series

The evolution of me, Paper clay and mixed media

She felt the pressure to become a dog, Mixed media

The winter of my discontent, Mixed media

Rise above 2- Trancendence series

Rise above, Mixed media

On fire but alive - Transcendence series

 On fire but alive, Paper clay mixed media


Stone - Elemental seriesStone 2 - Elemental series

Stone, Mixed media

Nesting - Elementel series

Nesting, Mixed media

Eggshells, Paper clay

Cosmos and Milky way - TBoE seriesGray Larissa Transpersonal1Starry night - TBoE series

The birth of everything, Paper clay, pigments and oxides

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