Published by larissagrayandthegoldendog

Larissa completed her BA Fine Arts at the National Art School, East Sydney in 1996. After leaving Art school at 21, Larissa spent many years travelling, working and experiencing life before she came back to her art practice with a passion. Larissa’s work is multi-faceted and continually evolving however her main motivations and subject matter remains unchanged. Drawing on personal experiences she also uses her work as a means of exploration with themes that are concerned with the great joy and pain of all human existence, her constant search for happiness, curiosity for meaning and longing for freedom are inspiration for many of her works. Larissa’s works have a dream like quality and are reminiscent of small dioramas, intended to take the viewer out of the everyday and into a place they need to be but all too often forget to visit. She utilises a diversity of mediums such as bronze, copper, clay, glass, wood and stone, and various firing techniques such as sagar and raku. ‘I am fascinated by evolution, our connection with nature and the universe and the notion that everything is linked to everything else.’ 0432 060 317 THE GOLDEN DOG ‘The Golden Dog’ displays loyalty, perseverance and determination - doggedness. Virtues we should all aspire to.

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