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I completed my BA Fine Arts at the National Art School, East Sydney in 1996. After leaving Art school at 21 I spent many years travelling, working and experiencing life before I came back to my art practice with a passion.

My work is continually evolving, themes in my earlier work drew on personal experiences. I used my work as a means of exploring the inner pain I felt, my constant search for happiness, my curiosity for meaning and longing for freedom. I worked in clay and mixed media utilising various firing techniques such as sagar and raku.

As I have grown and changed so has my work. I am working more in bronze and mixed media. My subject matter focuses now on the joy I feel. I find happiness, meaning and freedom through my work. Each work is an exploration of beauty, a tribute to nature. A tribute to that feeling that you get being in nature.

I try to bring this feeling to life through my artwork. By emphasising shape, line and form to replicate nature in miniature. With each piece I strive to create a beautiful microcosm.

I select a branch for its likeness to a bonsai tree; a piece of wood that has weathered storms of wind and rain to remain with us; a stone that is shaped by that same wind and rain, reminding us of the passing of time. Art has the power transport us to another place.

My works are miniature tributes to the natural world. Admiring them will help you reconnect with nature and allow you to be in the moment.

‘Larissa’s works have a dream like quality and are reminiscent of small dioramas, intended to take the viewer out of the everyday and into a place they need to be but all too often forget to visit.’

Nadine Harnett, organiser Macedon Ranges Art Trail.



Larissa Gray and the Golden Dog

The Golden Dog – studio and gallery – 11 High St Kyneton, Victoria

The golden dog (studio and gallery) pays homage to Yaegar, the most pure soul I will ever know. My best friend always and forever.  We will meet again one day.

The golden dog displayed loyalty, perseverance and determination ….. doggedness. These are virtues which I aspire to every day.



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