About the Artist




The golden dog  gallery and studio is named in memory of Yaegar, ‘the best dog that ever was.’ It is the gallery, studio and home of artist, Larissa Gray.

Gray is popular for her unique and poignant small scale bronze and mixed media sculptures, producing works that reflect the beauty and soul of nature and her environment.

Growing up in rural NSW Gray formed a deep affinity for the Australian bush and the colours and elements all strongly influence her work. She is also is inspired by her travels to Japan and experience of the Japanese arts, culture and it’s masters; and this influence and this can be seen throughout her work.

Often featuring small animals and a female figure, her work evokes a wanderlust in the viewer allowing them to travel out of the everyday, through their memories, into a place they need to be but all too often forget to visit. Themes throughout her work often explore the idea of a personal journey through the complexities of human nature and relationship to the natural world and the universe.

Trained at the National Art School in East Sydney, Gray began sculpting professionally after moving to Kyneton Victoria in 2012.

In 2017 she founded the golden dog gallery in a century old building in the heart of the township of Kyneton. This unique part of the world provides never ending inspiration with its changing landscapes that come with the seasons.

Behind the golden dog gallery is Gray’s studio. On a  Thursday, Friday or Saturday visitors to The Golden Dog can meet the artist and see her at work.





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